Original Civil War State Issue Soldier’s Blanket



Original Civil War State Issue Soldier’s Blanket – This blanket is made of the heavy, Kersey weave wool from which U.S. Issue Civil War blankets were made. It is also, approximately the same color and weight as U.S. Issue blankets, and it has one end stripe, per end, also comparable to U.S. Issue blankets. U.S. Issue blankets had unbound ends and bound edges, measured approximately 65” x 80” and were single panel blankets, not mid-seam. All of the latter characteristics are approximately the same as this blanket. In addition, this blanket has the initials “F.L.” hand crocheted into the body of the wool, near one end, as well as what appears to be military type stenciled numbers, at an opposite end. We presume, having had other U.S. Issue blankets, that this blanket is a war-time, state issue blanket; it remains in very good condition, with one stress pull near the middle. These blankets are rare, and they are an essential element for any collection of soldier’s equipment. Blanket measurements: L – 78″; W – 63″


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