Original Civil War Union Officer’s Kepi with Regimental Insignia


Original Civil War Union Officer’s Kepi with Regimental Insignia – This Civil War Union officer’s kepi retains its original, period regimental number 7, officer’s false embroidered, fancy, sheet brass insignia, attached to the front of the cap. On the crown, in the middle of the exterior, the “ghost” of a second number 7 can be seen, indicative of the war period presence of that same regimental number. The cap is constructed of fine, dark blue, English broadcloth, typical of the Civil War period. The brim, painted or lacquered black, is bound by a thin coarse, canvas band. The profile of this hat is definitively indicative of a Civil War period kepi – note the “overhang” of the front peak of the crown, when the cap is viewed in profile – a characteristic of Civil War kepis, as opposed to postwar kepis. The original chinstrap remains, fastened to the sides of the cap by two, gilded, general service, eagle buttons. The interior of the kepi is lined, as Civil War kepis and forage caps often are, in a brown, polished cotton. The complete, original sweatband remains; it is in good condition, with the exception of one separation, which could be readily repaired. Overall, the kepi is in good condition, exhibiting some minor insect nips and two modest holes on one side of the cap. The latter could also be readily repaired, if so desired. This is a great example of a Union officer’s kepi, retaining original insignia and great overall color, with all original elements – sweatband, chinstrap, interior lining and side buttons.