CW Union Staff Officer’s Kepi

Original Civil War Union Staff Officer’s Kepi

Original Civil War Union Staff Officer’s Kepi – This hat is the quintessential example of a high quality, Civil War officer’s kepi cap. Constructed of fine, dark blue broadcloth, the hat has the typical, war period “duck-billed” bound leather brim. The interior of the cap still has almost all of its black silk lining, with a cross-stitched, quilted crown, often found in Civil War period officer’s caps. The entire sweat band, of cross-hatched, oxblood red, fine leather, is completely intact and in great condition. The Union Staff Officer buttons both have “Superior Quality” back marks; one button has come loose, but we will have it correctly reattached, prior to shipping; both buttons are original to the hat. This hat, like some Civil War officer kepis, never had a chin strap; in lieu of the latter, it has, as seen in several Id’d examples, a quarter inch, fabric band, that is attached beneath the brim attachment area, on the underside of the hat. The hat retains strong color, and is in overall excellent condition, exhibiting some very minor moth nips. The height of the hat – back: 4”; front: 2”. This is a great Civil War officer’s kepi. SOLD

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