Original Civil War US Federal Cavalry Link Strap



Original Civil War US Federal Cavalry Link Strap -¬†These straps were used to snap or attach to the M1859 Bit ring, so that a mounted soldier could lead his horse, when dismounted. When cavalry soldiers were dismounted to fight on foot, every fourth soldier was designated to act as a horse holder, controlling the mounts of his comrades engaged in battle. The link straps were used for this purpose – buckling at one end to a horse’s headstall and bridle, with the other end utilizing a spring snap hook to link together the three mounts of the dismounted troopers, so that the fourth soldier could control the horses. This link strap is maker marked – “Condict” (prominent war period maker of leather accoutrements) and remains in strong, supple condition. The black japanned horseshoe buckle and long snap hook remain in place. These link straps, a rarity today, were an essential aspect of all Union cavalryman’s equipment.

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