Original Confederate Holster on Rare Woven Belt


Original Confederate Holster on Rare Woven Belt – The belt of this set is a rare example of a Confederate, coarse wool, woven belt, the type worn by many enlisted soldiers, as well as officers. Attached to the belt is an excellent example of a Confederate, russet brown leather holster, about the size to fit a Colt Pocket Model revolver. The belt, still in excellent condition, retaining vivid colors of red and blue, closes utilizing a russet brown leather strap, primitively sewn, via twine or hemp, to the belt proper; one of the leather closing straps is also sewn to a crude, iron, horseshoe shaped buckle. The holster is also constructed of russet brown leather and exhibits similar primitive twine or hemp sewn seams; it retains its muzzle plug and latch tab closure, which does exhibit a tear; the brass closure finial is present, as are two copper rivets holding the bottom section of the belt loop to the body of the holster. This is a superior Confederate pair of enlisted soldier’s field equipment, in excellent condition.

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