Original Issue Civil War Cavalry Saddle Bags for the M1859 McClellan Saddle

Original Issue Civil War Cavalry Saddle Bags for the M1859 McClellan Saddle –  This set of Civil War saddlebags are in very strong condition. These bags were used by Union cavalry troops to carry horse shoes, nails, curry comb, extra ammunition, and personal effects. This pair of saddlebags is the pattern developed for the Model 1859 McClellan, enlisted man’s saddle and have become rather difficult to find now. The connecting strap or yoke remains solid and evidences the single, central hole for the saddle bag stud, at the rear of the saddle, a highly desirable aspect, as this yoke is often torn or broken in half from careless handling. The black to dark brown finish on the bags is in overall decent shape, with some minor age crackling and crazing. Both bags, as is the yoke, remain fairly flexible with solid seams and no tears, with the exception of a quarter size hole (perhaps old rodent damage) in the bottom of one bag. The fastening straps are present, although one strap is missing just below the first adjustment hole. Both horizontal fastening straps, above each bag, designed to course through staples on the saddle protruding through slots in the yoke, remain. Both lower tie down straps, designed to pass through loops on the saddle skirts, are present; one of the pair of straps is complete, the other is missing the remains of the strap, just below the japanned buckle. This is a great set of hard to obtain M1859 saddlebags in great, untouched condition. SOLD


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