Pair of M1847 Grimsley Saddle Stirrups


Pair of M1847 Grimsley Saddle Stirrups – These solid brass stirrups feature slotted treads that were designed to provide a strong position for the soldier’s boot, even when the latter was wet or muddy.  The stirrup strap loops on these stirrups are not exactly matching; the stirrups appear to be slightly different in gauge, one stirrup being somewhat heavier than the other, indicative of a variation in their foundry or contractor origins. This type of stirrup pattern pre-dates the Civil War, however in 1863, they were utilized on the Artillery Driver’s saddle, as they were still in the government’s inventory. This pair of stirrups would be correct for an 1847 Grimsley Saddle or an Artillery Driver’s Saddle. The treads on these stirrups are of the stippled variety; both of the pair exhibits a fine, aged, unpolished patina. One stirrup tread has a slight wear dent.