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R.E. Lee and Wickham Family Images

R.E. Lee and Wickham Family ImagesSOLD

Henry Taylor Wickham (December 17, 1849 – March 5, 1943) was an American lawyer and Democratic politician who served as a member of the Virginia Senate from 1890 to 1908 and again from 1923 to 1943. Until 2012, when he was surpassed by Charles J. Colgan, he was the longest serving member in the history of that body. His father, Williams Carter Wickham, was a Confederate brigadier general and congressman.


This grouping of images includes: a war-time CDV of Henry T. Wickham, a CDV of the wife of R.E. Lee, Mary Custis Lee, a CDV of a pre-war R.E. Lee, a CDV of Agnes Lee, H.T. Wickham’s cousin and daughter of R.E. Lee, and Mildred C. Lee, another of Wickham’s cousins and daughter of R.E. Lee.


Accompanying the above listed group of images, is a copy of the address delivered to the Joint Session of the General Assembly of Virginia, in Feb. of 1940, by the Hon. Henry T. Wickham, then President Pro Tempore of the Senate of Virginia. In this address, Wickham expounds on the life of Gen. R.E. Lee. Within the body of the address, Senator Wickham mentions several of the CDVs included in this grouping. He also describes the history of the Lee family, that of his own family and both family’s direct involvement in the Civil War. He concludes with a poignant description of Gen. Lee’s death.


All of these CDVs are in superior condition, as is the 1940 copy of Sen. Wickham’s address. The CDV of Wickham, done of him when he was a student at Washington College in Lexington, was made in 1864, and boldly signed by Wickham. The CDV of Mary Custis Lee, hand colored by Mrs. Lee herself, is signed by her and inscribed as a gift to Henry Wickham. The image of Agnes Lee, retaining its C.R. Rees, 1873 back mark, is dated 1873; this image was taken in the last year of the war, and has a fine, period note, sent to Henry Wickham, by Agnes, in 1866, on the event of his birthday. The image of Mildred Lee, one of the two Lee daughters to live into mid to late adulthood, is inscribed to Henry, from his cousin, Christmas, 1883. The Miley marked CDV of Gen. Lee, taken prior to the Civil War, appears to be a from-life image, re-applied to a later card.


This grouping of Lee and Wickham images, was obtained when the Wickham ancestral home, Hickory Hill Plantation, in Hanover County, Va., and its contents, were sold. The mansion, still in the hands of Wickham descendants in 2005, had fallen into disrepair. Today, the house remains surrounded by the plantation office, kitchen, smokehouse, root cellar, carriage house and the first floor bricks of the barn and stables. The property remained in the Wickham family for six generations, not coming out of the family until 2005, when it was purchased by Shannon and Lesia Pritchard, who are restoring the house and outbuildings. These CDVs represent an exceedingly rare grouping of Lee and Wickham images.



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