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Rare Brady Albumen of Broadway Landing on the Appomattox River – 1864


Rare Brady Albumen of Broadway Landing on the Appomattox River – 1864 – This rare Matthew Brady albumen shows Broadway Landing on the Appomattox River, just upriver from the large Union Army landing and supply depot at City Point. This impressive, panoramic view shows the riverside landing; a number of boats and ships of various types and sizes are seen, moored. Visible in the foreground are a number of cannons and soldiers. A pontoon bridge can be seen in the distance. Two of the vessels’ names can be read when the image is enlarged – the ship roughly in the right middle of the image, with a pilot house, evidences the name Ben Franklin; a second ship, just to the left of the Ben Franklin has the name Mary Francis of Philadelphia painted on the aft end. A number of uniformed, Union soldiers are visible in the image, one armed, apparently guarding a small log building. A limbered field piece, perhaps a 3” Parrott Rifle, is also visible, as are numerous crates and wheeled transporting devices to carry larger artillery pieces to fortifications.


In 1864, the Civil War was raging across the United States. At the epicenter of the seemingly stalemated conflict was the vital Confederate stronghold of Petersburg, Virginia. As the Union and Confederate forces settled in for a siege (the Confederates in the city and the Union troops around the city to the south and east), the Union set up numerous supply depots for offloading siege ammunition. The best known supply depot was located at City Point. However, one other small town in the area served to bring the heavy artillery, ammunition, and other supplies from the James and Appomattox rivers for use in the field. This town was known as Broadway Landing. *

The image measures as follows: 17.5 × 21.8 cm (6 7/8 × 8 9/16 in.)

*Broadway Landing: The Life and Times of a Civil War Supply Depot by Nick Bolash

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