Rare CDV of USCT Soldier


Rare CDV of USCT Soldier – This fine CDV depicts a full image of a United States Colored Troops enlisted man, in uniform. The soldier wears a mounted soldier’s shell jacket, perhaps light artillery or cavalry, as well as army issue pants, possibly of the mounted type, exhibiting lower segments of his long johns, peeking out beneath the pants cuffs. Beneath his shell jacket, the soldier is wearing a typical, war period, blue, military style vest; draped over his shoulder is what appears to be a M1859 smooth side canteen. Additionally, he wears a forage cap, seemingly covered with a black painted, rain cover; unusually, the soldier’s belt is closed by what appears to be some kind of tongue and wreath belt plate. Finally, this USCT man is wearing boots, as opposed to brogans, perhaps a further indication of his mounted service. The back mark of this CDV is “ L.T. Anderson, Photographer, 479 W. Baltimore St. Baltimore.” Anderson is listed in “Wood’s Baltimore City Directory of 1860” as Lemuel  T. Anderson, ambrotypist.” Any original, period USCT images are extremely hard to find. This is the first USCT CDV that we have handled. The image and cardstock are both in excellent condition, with the two upper corners clipped to fit in a period CDV album.


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