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Rare M1859 – 1861 Civil War Marine Corps Shako


Rare M1859 – 1861 Civil War Marine Corps Shako – This extremely rare Civil War M1859 Marine Corps shako retains its original large, hat plate insignia, in its entirety. This shako has a somewhat lower crown than the earlier version issued in the mid- 1850s; for this reason, the plate extends up to about an inch below the pom pom insert. The red disk retains its original, silver old English “M”, which is affixed to a red enameled metal disk. We found this shako with a period, but incorrect, large white pompom; the hat remains in excellent condition, retaining its complete and original sweatband and correct Civil War period, U.S. Marine, side buttons. This is indeed a rare piece of Civil War headgear.

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