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Rare Civil War U.S. Army Officer’s Trousers / Pants c. 1861

Rare Civil War U.S. Army Officer’s Trousers / Pants c. 1861 – SOLD - The 1858 Army Regulations called for officer’s of all branches to wear Dark Blue trousers. Some of these early trousers did have the appropriate branch of service colored cord welt (piping) in the outer seam, yet many state issue officer’s pants did not, especially prior to the issuance of the updated Uniform Regulations in late 1861, after the war had commenced. Generals and Staff Officer’s trousers were to remain plain without any piping, regardless.

The 1862 Uniform Regulations changed the trouser color to Sky Blue for line officers (Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry) and continued the branch colored piping. Generals and their staff officers were to continue wearing Dark Blue trousers; however, 1861 Regulations now called for Staff Officer’s trousers to have a 1/8″ gold metallic piping.

This example of Civil War U.S. Army Officer pants is in excellent condition. The pants maintain their strong, dark, navy blue, indigo dye color, per adherence to the early regulations. There is no service branch seam piping on either leg, indicative of early war, state issuance. The cuffs are lined with their original burlap / buckram to prevent soiling and aid in reinforcement. All of the original, black painted, tin buttons remain, as well. The “dog ear” style pockets are lined with white cotton, as is the hand-sewn waist lining. The waist adjustment buckle is the typical, black japanned type, and the adjuster straps are backed with brown, polished cotton. The pants, as most extant examples, exhibit both hand and machine work in their construction. This pair of pants came in a uniform grouping once owned by Lt. Frank Moore of the 43rd Indiana Infantry. Lt. Moore entered the service as a 2nd Lt. at the very onset of the war, therefore he adhered to the 1858 to late 1861 regulations. In the fall of 1861, Lt. Moore was promoted to 1rst Lt. and must have worn sky blue pants, per regulation, as these pants are in almost unworn condition. Civil War officer’s pants are markedly more rare and thereby very difficult to obtain as compared to all other uniform items, and this example is one of the finest we have ever encountered. SOLD


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