Rare Dug LeFaucheux Revolver


Rare Dug LeFaucheux Revolver – We have had numerous excavated weapons, but we have never encountered a dug LeFaucheux. This weapon was excavated in the Richmond area, in the 1980s and was part of Rector (of the Civil War era Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Richmond) Frederick Goodwin’s relic collection. The weapon remains in fine, excavated condition, with little rust or oxidation flaking. The Lefaucheux M1858 was a French military revolver, chambered for the 12mm pinfire cartridge, based on a design by Casimir Lefaucheux. It was the first metallic-cartridge revolver adopted by a national government. It was first utilized, in 1858, by the French Navy, and though never issued by the French Army, it was used in limited numbers, by the French Cavalry, during their 1862 deployment to Mexico. Models were also purchased by Spain, Sweden, Italy, Russia, and Norway. Along with those countries, both the Confederate and Federal forces also used them during the Civil War.

The Union army purchased around 13,000 model 1854 Lefaucheux pinfire revolvers from France and Belgium. 167 of these revolvers have their serial numbers recorded and were issued to Co. D, 2nd Kansas Calvary and Co. B, 9th Missouri Calvary. Three American companies made pinfire cartridges for Civil War use -Christian Sharps & Co, C. D. Leet, and Allen & Wheelock.

The Union bought at least 200,000 pinfire cartridges from France. Extant, identified images exist showing Union soldiers wielding Lefaucheux pinfire revolvers from 5th Kansas Volunteer Calvary, Company E; 11th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry; 2nd Kansas Calvary, Company A; 1st NY Light Artillery, Battery D; and many other non-identified units.

Confederate Soldiers also used Lefaucheux revolvers. There were official Confederate purchases of these revolvers, as well. Selma Arsenal reloaded pinfire cartridges and issued a pouch to collect the spent casings to some soldiers. Selma Arsenal, at one point during the war, had some 52,800 pinfire cartridges on hand. SOLD



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