Finely Appointed Gettysburg Relic Board

Rare Finely Appointed Gettysburg Relic Board – Doubly Id’d


Rare Finely Appointed Gettysburg Relic Board – Doubly Id’d – This incredible relic board was assembled in the late 1800s to early 1900s by Dr. John Stillman, former Surgeon for the 147th New York Infantry. According to the early typed label affixed to the bottom interior of this framed board, Dr. Stillman (of Brookfield, NY) collected the relics displayed, over a 40 year span, from the “farms, homes and battlefield where the Cavalry battle between Union and Confederate forces took place in July of 1863.” Dr. Stillman and the 147th New York Infantry were heavily engaged throughout the Battle of Gettysburg, including during Pickett’s Charge. The relic board includes the following items: four buttons, a U.S. bit boss, a quarter plate tintype of a Union cavalry corporal, cartridge box tin liner, non-issue military bit, Civil War period .44 Cal. pistol cartridge box with “East Cavalry Field, Gettysburg” in white paint on the cover of the box, a saber bayonet, leather bayonet scabbard, long saber belt sword drop, civilian style iron stirrup, McClellan saddle blanket strap escutcheon, M1859 enlisted man’s spur, M1824 musket side plate, McClellan saddle cantle saddle size shield, hymnal with the stenciled Id – “Captain George Gilliam, Co. C 52d Reg’t N.C., N. Va. Gen. Pettigrew, Gen. A.P. Hill’s Corp, Return to Mrs. Gilliam, Halifax N.Ca.” inscribed in black ink on the first page of the hymnal (Gilliam was wounded during Pickett’s Charge, then captured and later incarcerated on Johnson’s Island in Lake Erie), M1858 smooth side canteen, U.S. M1851 brown buff saber belt with initials “JB” inked on the inside of the belt, post-Civil War spur, another M1859 enlisted man’s spur.  This relic board, with all relics wired to the blue painted board, is unusual in shape and dimension. The relics are behind period glass, contained within an architectural element style, framed window-like, three dimensional case, somewhat shadow box-like. All of the relics and the board proper are in very good condition.  This is indeed a very fine and highly significant relic board.

The board measures as follows: Height – 26.75”; Width – 20.5”  : Depth – 6.5”  .

  John T. Stillman

Residence was not listed; Enlisted on 9/23/1862 at Oswego, NY as a Asst Surgeon. On 10/4/1862 he was commissioned into Field & Staff NY 147th InfantryHe was discharged for promotion on 1/5/1865. On 1/5/1865 he was commissioned into Field & Staff NY 88th InfantryHe was Mustered Out on 6/30/1865 at Alexandria, VA.

 Promotions: Surgeon 1/5/1865 (As of 88th NY Infantry)




George Gilliam

Residence Northampton County NC; a 27 year-old Merchant. Enlisted on 2/27/1862 at Chowan County, NC as a 1st Lieutenant. On 4/28/1862 he was commissioned into “C” Co. NC 52nd Infantry (date and method of discharge not given). He was listed as:* Hospitalized 7/3/1863 Gettysburg, PA; * POW 7/3/1863 Gettysburg, PA; * Wounded 7/3/1863 Gettysburg, PA; * Transferred 7/20/1863 David’s Island, NY Harbor; * Transferred 9/18/1863 Johnson’s Island, OH; * Paroled 3/14/1865 Johnson’s Island, OH; * Exchanged 3/22/1865 Cox’s Landing, James River, VA. 

 Promotions:* Capt 4/1/1863

Other Information:born in Gates County, NC.