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Rare Identified Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag

Rare Identified Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag – This extremely rare Army of Northern Virginia flag was most likely manufactured at the Richmond Depot, in late 1863 or early 1864. It remains in overall very solid condition , still exhibiting brilliant colors. The flag hung, incredibly, in an old service station, in southwestern Virginia, for many years. This incredible flag, originally issued to the 47th Georgia Infantry, was captured at Lay’s Ferry, Georgia, on May 14, 1864, by Private Asahel Pyburn of the 66th Indiana Infantry. The following is a period account of Pyburn’s gallant and courageous capture of this flag:

“While waiting, the Federals placed a battery close to the water’s edge, with the 66th Indiana pulled close as protection. Seeing this, the Rebels more or less did the same. As one of their regiments planted their colors close to their own shore’s edge, Private Asahel Pyburn espied the flag and conceived of a daring capture. He quickly removed his clothes, dove into the river and safely swam the 100 yard span without notice. Before the enemy could react to his presence, he leapt from the still water, snatched hold of the staff and pulled it under. Now the focus of much of the Rebel regiment, Private Pyburn swam for his life, as the enemy fired time and again upon his obscured and submerged form. When their bullets met the water, however, their killing strength and true trajectory was greatly diminished, and Pyburn was met on his home shore with cheers and a storm of covering fire”. The flag was examined and authenticated by the premier, Confederate flag expert (now deceased), Mr. Howard Madaus. In addition, it underwent a complete dye and component analysis by well-known, textile expert, Ms. Fonda Thomsen. Both Mr. Madaus and Ms. Thomsen concluded that the flag was completely genuine, with Mr. Madaus corroborating the accompanying account of Pyburn’s daring act. The documented results of Mr. Madaus’ and Ms. Thomsen’s analyses accompany the flag – SOLD

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