Letter by John Ericsson, Designer of USS Monitor Dated 1861 to Owner of the Iron Works

Rare Letter by John Ericsson, Designer of the USS Monitor Dated 1861 – This extremely rare letter, written by Ericsson in late December of 1861, to Robert Fitch Rowland, owner of the Continental Iron Works, in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, NY. Continental Iron Works was the location of the construction and launching of the USS Monitor, as well as later construction and launchings of several other Civil War Monitor class, single and double turreted vessels, including the Monadnock, the Passaic, the Montauk and the Onondaga. In this letter, Ericsson, a brilliant but rather difficult designer and engineer, berates Rowland for what Ericsson believed to be the slow pace of construction of the Monitor. At the conclusion of the letter, Ericsson drew a cross-sectional view of the hull of the Monitor, then boldly signed the letter. Perry Adams Antiques obtained this letter, as well as several other important Continental Iron Works items, directly from the descendants of Thomas Fitch Rowland. This letter is in excellent condition.

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