Rare Mexican War Dragoon Model 1839 Pistol Cartridge Box


Rare Mexican War Dragoon Model 1839 Pistol Cartridge Box - The Model 1839 Pistol Cartridge Box was issued to accompany the M1842 Aston and Johnson Pistols, and was also used with the M1836 conversion pistols. These boxes originally contained a single tin insert, which is no longer in this example. (The insert had two lower compartments for full packets of ammunition and 5 smaller compartments in the upper section of the tin.) Delineated in the 1841 Ordnance Manual, the body of the box measures 6.2” long, 1.3” wide, and 3.5” high; it is double flapped and has no implement pouch on the front of the body. The brass, closure finial is the M1839 style used in these boxes, presenting an unusual, flattened, mushroom-shaped profile. The belt loops, on the back of the box, are both strong and sewn to the body of the box. The closure tab is present, although one side of the leather bordering the finial hole is broken, but easily reparable. The box remains in overall very good condition, with much of the black finish intact; the leather is strong and supple. These have always been rare cartridge boxes.