Rare Mid-19th Century Horn Stethoscope


Rare Mid-19th Century Horn Stethoscope – This rare, early medical instrument was recently discovered in an old house in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. The house, built in 1917, sits on the site of an earlier house, built in the first quarter of the 19th century. Both of these houses were occupied by the Moore family. Columbus Raleigh Moore, a young man at the onset of the Civil War, joined the Lunenburg “Rebel” Light Artillery; he would be captured, in 1865, at the Battle of Five Forks and taken, as a POW, to Point Lookout, Md. Moore returned to Dinwiddie Co., after the war, and ultimately lived, until his death, at the house of his daughter, where we found this stethoscope, as well as a number of other Civil War period artifacts, including Moore’s UCV coat and some early battlefield pickup artifacts, from Five Forks. This stethoscope is composed of horn and rosewood and remains in fine condition. SOLD

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