Rare Original Civil War U.S. Marine Summer White Linen Trousers



                                                          U.S. Marine Officer in 1862


Civil War Marines – North Carolina Coast – 1862


Rare Original Civil War U.S. Marine Summer White Linen Trousers – This rare pair of pants is an extremely scarce example of Civil War U.S. Marine summer weight, white trousers. The US Navy and Marines were the only service branches, in the Civil War, to make a provision for a lighter weight, white uniform, for use in the teeming, summer clime of the South. These pants evidence the typical wide legs (neither the Navy nor the Marines used the term “bell bottom”) observed in extant examples of Civil War Navy and Marine pants, and they are constructed of a medium weight, sturdy linen.  The overall color was originally an off-white or cream, but this pair, although very sound, with no holes or weak areas, has faded and is somewhat soiled. All of the buttons are bone and are firmly attached, and appear to be original sews. All of the button holes are hand-whipped, as well. There is a 5-button fly and four front, suspender buttons and two back suspender buttons. Two, dog-ear style pockets, with closure buttons, are on the right and left side of the front of the pants. These pants were worn by a very large individual – a rarity during the Civil War era; in fact, the pants were, at some point in their history, let out, via a back vent, to increase the size. The pants measure as follows: Length – 45.25”; Waist – approximately 44”. The pants although somewhat stained, are in excellent condition.