Rare Outdoor Albumen of a Civil War Union Artillery Battery


Rare Outdoor Albumen of a Civil War Union Artillery Battery – This fine, strong resolution albumen is an outdoor scene, depicting a Union light Artillery Battery, with enlisted men and officers. This appears to be an early war scene, as many of the enlisted men have scales affixed to their artillery shell jackets. Some of the men are mounted, with sabers drawn; some of the cannons are limbered and harnessed to their horse teams, while others are unlimbered and unharnessed. The commanding officer, astride his horse, has his sword drawn and is mounted in front of the rest of the company; his horse’s chest strap appears to be a painted type. Additionally, the company mascot, a dog, appears in front of the soldiers. Close scrutiny of the image shows a river in the background, with what might be rocks and rapids; either cut-over crops or trees appear in the immediate background, behind the artillerymen, as do some apparent farm buildings. Across the river are high, wooded banks, with what may be buildings along the riverside. This image is housed in a period, lemon-gilt frame that shows some wear. The albumen is in excellent condition. Research might establish the location of this image, as well as what artillery unit is depicted.

Measurements: Frame – W – 15.25”; Ht. – 13.5”

Sight Size – W – 9”; Ht. – 7.5”