Rare Pair of Civil War Period Civilian Men’s Pants


Rare Pair of Civil War Period Civilian Men’s Pants – We have only had two or three original pairs of Civil War period men’s civilian pants over the many years we have collected and been in business. Indeed, these pants, even when found in poor condition, are a great rarity. This pair, composed of heavy, black wool, is rather unique as they feature decorative, raised striping throughout. The interior of both leg cuffs are lined, as pants of this era were, with hand-sewn, coarse, near burlap like cotton, as a protective measure for each cuff. Also, both cuffs are slightly flared outward, another feature noted in men’s pants of the antebellum and bellum eras. The interior of the pants is composed of light brown cotton, near-linen lining, as well as heavier, white cotton pocket linings. Construction was completed by a combination of a treadle sewing machine and handwork; all buttonholes are hand-whipped. There are two, dog ear, front pockets; there is one back pocket. The fly is the typical, mid-19th century, button variety. About half of the original, polished horn buttons are present. The waist or size adjustment straps are quite skillfully, hand-sewn to the pants proper and were fixed for adjustment with a plain, black, japanned buckle. The profile of these pants is indicative of all pants of this period – a high arching back, when viewed in profile. The overall condition of these pants is excellent; there are three, nickel size spots, visible in our images, on the front, right leg, although the fabric remains strong in all areas of this light spotting.