Triplett and Scott Carbine

Rare Triplett and Scott Carbine – Short Barrel Type for Kentucky Home Guard

Rare Triplett and Scott Repeating Carbine: This unusual, repeating carbine was manufactured by Meriden Manufacturing Company, Meriden, Connecticut in 1864 and 1865; only about 5,000 were produced. The weapon fired a .50 cal. rimfire cartridge, and it had a seven-shot magazine tube housed in the buttstock. The loading action of this gun was rather unusual, requiring depressing a latch behind the hammer, thereby allowing the barrel to twist in a circular motion, aligning with the magazine, that protruded from the buttstock. This carbine was manufactured in two lengths, a 30” round barrel and the markedly more scarce, 22” round barrel; only 2,000 of these shorter barrel models were made. This fine condition weapon is an example of the rare 22” barrel length. The gun has iron mountings, with a pair of sling swivels mounted on the heel and underside of the butt. The barrel, sight, and tubular socket are blued, with the receiver and additional parts being casehardened. The manufacturer’s markings appear on the tang and read: “TRIPLETT & SCOTT/PATENT DEC 6, 1864”; on the left side of the receiver is stamped “KENTUCKY”; the weapon’s serial no. 4346, is stamped on the right side of the receiver.

The state of Kentucky contracted for 5,000 Triplett & Scott carbines in early January of 1865, for the purpose of arming Home Guard troops mustered into service to protect the Union Army supply lines supporting Gen. Wm. T. Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign. The stamping of “KENTUCKY” on the left side of the receiver is indicative of this use.

This example of a rare carbine is in fine condition, but does have a crack in the wrist of the buttstock, as do virtually all Triplett and Scott carbines, as a result of the way the  magazine tube was embedded in the stock. This crack in no way impedes the action of the weapon. The production of the Triplett and Scott is representative of the second venture into the arms manufacturing business, by Charles Parker, a co-founder of  the Meriden Manufacturing Company. Shortly after the production of the Triplett and Scott carbine, Parker would become the principal in one of America’s premier shotgun manufacturing firms. SOLD.

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