Saber Bayonet for Colt Alteration of Mississippi Rifle


Saber Bayonet for Colt Alteration of Mississippi Rifle – The Model 1841 rifled musket, often referred to as the “Mississippi” rifle, because of its use by Mississippi troops under command of Jefferson Davis during the Mexican War, was originally designed as .54 cal. with a thick heavy barrel without a bayonet. It was initially manufactured by Whitney Arms, New Haven, Connecticut.  During the 1850′s the design was modified to add a removable bayonet lug for a saber bayonet and the brass tip on the ramrod was replaced with steel.  In the 1860′s Colt was given a contract to re-bore the barrel to .58 cal., and the fixed sight was replaced with a long-range leaf sight.  A removable lug for the saber bayonet, barrel nose and bayonet were all serial number coordinated. This example of the saber bayonet for Colt alteration of Mississippi Rifle, accompanied by its original scabbard, isin fine condition. This example retains the serial number 9873 that was to coordinate with matching numbers on the lug and nose cap of a Colt altered Mississippi Rifle. The characteristic date of 1862 appears on the blade of the bayonet, as well. This is a fine example of a rare saber bayonet.

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