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Confederate Staff and Field Officer’s Sword By Boyle & Gamble, Richmond, Virginia

Confederate Staff and Field Officer’s  Sword By Boyle & Gamble, Richmond, Virginia – This most iconic of Confederate swords could be a cornerstone acquisition for any serious collector of Confederate memorabilia.  These swords are always a rare find, yet doubly so in such near gem-quality and appealing condition.  Such officer’s swords were meant to be carried by Confederate commissioned officers, as evidenced by the fact that many were recovered, in strategic locations, on legendary battlefields where the Army of Northern Virginia was in action.

This particular example is completely and entirely untouched and original.  Its two most important condition features are the blade’s frosty etching, in a unique and artistic pattern; the second appealing and important feature is the sword’s dramatic, fiery-red patina of the sword furniture and the scabbard brass.  Such a patina is only achieved through time, natural environmental exposure, in combination with the high copper content of original Confederate brass, a highly significant element that collectors of Confederate weaponry seek, but seldom see in such a dramatic fashion as exhibited by this sword. In addition to the sword’s most impressive of features, it also illustrates iconic symbols of the antebellum and war time South – depictions of what would later be strong agrarian constructs of “The Lost Cause” themes:  corn stalks and ears, ivy, laurel and floral patterns, mixed with martial symbols of drums, flags and weaponry.  A strong, artistic “C.S.A.” is etched across the blade near the junction of the counterguard, as well. A Boyle and Gamble Staff and Field Officer’s Sword, almost identical to this specimen, is shown in a photograph of several Boyle and Gamble swords, on p.12, fig.  2-A of the photographic supplement to William Albaugh’s definitive and renown work on Confederate swords.

The sword is in overall excellent condition. It retains its original leather grip, as well as its original, twisted wire wrap. The scabbard is in equally strong condition with the exception of one weak area near the drag. This is one of the finest examples of a Boyle and Gamble staff and field officer’s sword we have encountered. SOLD




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