Striking Early Engraving of Gen. R.E. Lee



Striking Early Engraving of Gen. R.E. Lee – This fine early steel engraving of Gen. Lee was, as indicated in the bottom left of the image, created from a wartime photograph. The image of Lee in this engraving is very impressive, exhibiting strikingly sharp details, in his face and uniform. The engraving is in overall good condition; it does have one tear in the lower right center area, but this will essentially not be seen when the engraving is mounted properly. There are two areas of rub to the print – beneath the left eye and a spotty area on the forehead – both of these areas can be readily corrected. Of the many engravings and likenesses of Gen. Lee we have had, this is perhaps the most lifelike and impressive.

The engraving is housed in a great period frame; there are some losses of gilded gesso on the frame, but all readily reparable. The back of the frame is composed of two chamfered panels of southern, yellow pine. The original glass remains in the frame, as well and is replete with wavy bubbles and imperfections, as period glass always evidences. Found inserted under the glass was a typed card denoting the gifting of this print by two women – to what entity this print was given, who the donors were and when the gift was made is unknown. This print may have been completed at the end of the war, but certainly not long after that date. It is a truly wonderful depiction of the General Lee.

The frame measures as follows: 30.5” x 22.75”; the print measures: 16.5” x 13.75”.

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