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WWI Battlefield Relics – Artillery Shell and Rifle


WWI Battlefield Relics – Artillery Shell and Rifle - We recently obtained a large group of Civil War artifacts excavated by an early relic hunter, during the 1960s and 1970s, in Amelia County, Va. The vast majority of the artifacts were dug along the April of 1865, Retreat Route. The digger was an ardent collector of all things military; amongst the many non-Civil War artifacts, were numerous WWI and WWII artifacts, some battlefield pickup items, including weapons; we were able to get these two items, although, unfortunately, there was no location listed as to where the artifacts were found. The dug rifle is a Swiss Vetterli rifle, .41 caliber rim fire weapon, circa 1870 – 1885; it is in sound, dug condition, with obvious ground induced oxidation, but in overall sound dug condition. The artillery round appears to be an early 20th century, 75 mm projectile, also of a early, WWI vintage; many of these rounds were picked up from WWI battlefields and sold in local shops or by farmers in southern Belgium and France. The projectile is not live.