Grouping of Effects of Gen. James B. McPherson

Perry Adams Antiques became aware of the existence of this extremely important grouping over one year ago; we were finally able to obtain this grouping during the course of the recent Ohio Civil War show during a post-show visit to the owner’s farm, in rural Ohio. These important artifacts descended directly through the family of a resident of a rural Ohio town, in close proximity to Clyde, Ohio, the birthplace of McPherson; the patriarch of this family purchased the entire grouping directly from McPherson’s nephew, James Russell McPherson, in 1924.
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Eagle C Cavalry Button from the Frock Coat of JEB Stuart

Perry Adams Antiques obtained this historically significant button directly from the lineal ancestors of General Stuart. We will provide a notarized, signed document, from the descendants, affirming that this button was worn on a pre-Civil War frock by JEB Stuart. The typical Eagle C, U.S. Army cavalry button is a coat size button, in pristine condition, displaying a beautiful and appealing, rich gold hue; during some time in the latter third of the 19th century, the button’s shank was removed and latch type pin was applied to the back, so that the button could be worn as a brooch.
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Minnesota Historical Society Appraisal

Perry Adams Antiques’ Co-Owner Ben Greenbaum, ISA at the Minnesota Historical Society reviewing, for appraisal, a fine collection of Minnesota related Civil War memorabilia being donated to the MHS collections. Ben flew out to personally examine the collection of artifacts that focused on Minnesota troops in the Civil War. Many of the items were identified to members of 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry.

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