Confederate Arsenal Made Cartridge Box with Portion of Original Shoulder Sling


Confederate Arsenal Made Cartridge Box with Portion of Original Shoulder Sling – This cartridge box is constructed of a dark, brown leather, single stitched with a scalloped edge to the outer flap and lunate interior flap over the implement pouch, which has a tab closure. The exterior cover’s latch tab is missing, but the closure finial, which is somewhat pointed in configuration and constructed of a gray, light metal, either tin or Britannia, remains firmly in place. The carrying strap buckles, possibly constructed of pewter or thin iron and painted black, remain firmly attached to the bottom of the box. The interior metal cartridge tins are not present; about half or slightly more of the original, somewhat thin in width, leather shoulder sling remains attached to the sling buckles at the base of the box. This box resembles the US Model 1839 cartridge box in that it never had belt loops, only the two cross straps, affixed to the back of the box, that allow the sling ends to course through to attach to the buckles at the bottom of the box. This is a well-constructed box and appears to be an arsenal made accouterment, perhaps of Richmond origins. The box remains in excellent condition, with no flaking and minor age cracking; the leather is reasonably supple, as well. On the outer cover of the box, the letter “W” scratched into the surface, during the period of use, is readily discernible, as well as one or two less distinguishable, additional letters. This is a superior example of a Confederate arsenal made cartridge box.

Measurements: Cartridge box – 7″ H x 8″ W x 2.5 ” D; Sling length approximately 21″.