Model 1833 Brass Dragoon Stirrups Stamped “US”


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Model 1833 Brass Dragoon Stirrups Stamped “US” – The M1833, heavy, brass Dragoon stirrup was a product of a variety of manufacturers, during the years prior to the Civil War. These stirrups were issued on Grimsley saddles, to include artillery driver’s saddles, as well as officer’s saddles; they even have been found on McClellan officer’s saddles, as well as on some Confederate saddles. The pre-Civil War Dragoon / Artillery stirrups lack the “US” stamped in the underside of the stirrup tread, as well as the maker’s name, which appears on some, Civil War period stirrups. All M1833 stirrups, including this pair, exhibit an offset stirrup bar, the function of which was to allow the stirrup to rest at an angle that allowed the rider’s boot to maintain the correct, “heel-down” riding position. Grimsley saddles with these brass stirrups, were first introduced in 1847 for Dragoons, Rifleman and Artillery drivers.

This pair of M1833 stirrups remain in overall, very good condition; both stirrups have the Civil War period, bold “US” stamped in the underside of the tread; there is a raised ridge, cast into the boot side of the solid tread.