Pre-Civil War Buff Leather Carbine Sling


Pre-Civil War Buff Leather Carbine Sling – This rare sling, constructed of brown, buff leather, was utilized, during the pre-Civil War era, as well as during the war, to snap into the sling or saddle rings of mounted soldiers’ carbines and musketoons; carbine slings were designed to be worn over the left shoulder, with the brass adjustment buckle along the back of the wearer. The sling measures about 2.4” in width and approximately 52” to 53” in length. The polished steel, sling swivel and snap are unmarked. The original, brass adjustment buckle, which is sewn and riveted, via original copper rivets, to the sling, is present, as is the original, brass “batwing” tip which is riveted to the end of the sling. The sling is in overall excellent condition, as are the adjustment buckle and brass end tip. This is the first buff sling we have had, and the only one that we have seen in a long time.