Group of Artifacts Excavated Near Sailor’s Creek Battlefield


Group of Artifacts Excavated Near Sailor’s Creek Battlefield – We recently obtained a large collection of excavated artifacts from a long time relic hunter who searched primarily in Amelia County, Virginia and in the Petersburg area, in the late 60s to the mid-70s; he hunted along the retreat route and around the Sailor’s Creek battlefield, as well. Amongst the varied array of artifacts he excavated was this group of relics, to include: two pocket knives, small soldier’s housewife scissors, two large padlocks, horseshoe, early spun brass bell, brass spoon, half of a brass powder flask, early fork, silver sash buckle, two oil lamp wick adjusters, shrapnel, large trunk lock plate with impressed eagle on key cover, early sleigh bell, as well as some undetermined artifacts. We presume that most of these relics were dug in the Sailor’s Creek area, as they were in various old cigar boxes, most having old paper labels that indicated the box contents came from Sailor’s Creek. All of the artifacts are in reasonably good, dug condition; we have not cleaned any of them.  Price is for the entire group of relics.