Civil War Period Confederate Currency

Civil War Period Confederate Currency – These four examples of original, Confederate currency remain in overall good condition. Description and pricing are as follows:

1 – Confederate $10 Note – This original note (T-68 1864 $10) features a center vignette of horse-drawn artillery. R.M.T. Hunter is featured on the right-hand side. In addition to serving as Secretary of State of the Confederacy during the Civil War., Hunter is also credited with bringing about the reduction of silver in some U.S. coinage in 1853 while serving as a U.S. Senator from Virginia as Chairman of the Committee on Finance.  SOLD

2 – 1864 Confederate Fifty Dollar Bill – Obverse: This banknote has a pink overprint and depicts Jefferson Davis in the center, number 50 above left and right. This note bears the inscription: “Two years after the ratification of a treaty of peace between the Confederate States and the United States, The Confederate States of America will pay to the bearer on demand Fifty Dollars; Richmond, Feb. 17, 1864; Keating & Ball Columbia, SC” The serial number is 33540; Reverse: Number 50 in four corners, and written form in center, all in blue ink.  SOLD

3 – 1863 $100 Confederate Note – These notes were printed between 1862 and 1863; this example exhibits an 1863 date. These specific $100 banknotes cannot be mistaken for anything other than the antebellum South. Its central vignette depicts three plantation-era slaves hoeing and picking cotton. Portraits of South Carolina Senator and secession advocate John C. Calhoun and the allegorical figure of Columbia are also pictured. The back of the note is blank, although there is hand-inked notation indicating the bill was paid out by a Southern officer, in February of 1863. SOLD

4 – $100 1862 Confederate Bank Note T40 Obverse: This bill depicts a train with white smoke in the center and a standing woman holding a basket on her head representing a milkmaid. Upper left 100 surrounded with, “Receivable in payment of all dues except export duties.” The inscription reads, “Six Months after the ratification of a treaty of peace between the Confederate States and the United States the Confederate States of America will pay One Hundred Dollars to bearer with interest at two cents per day; Richmond September 23, 1862; J T Paterson, Columbia SC.” Serial number is 50331.

Reverse: Plain paper with stamps: “Interest paid to 1st Jan. 1863 at Savannah”; “ISSUED BY JOHN BOSTON DEPOSIY  SAVANNAH” SOLD