Horse Equipment of the Civil War Era by Howard Crouch


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Horse Equipment of the Civil War Era by Howard Crouch – The collector, historian and rider have long needed a book that carefully explores and pictures the equipment used in this historic era. Its all here: Saddles, Bits, Stirrups, Rosettes, Saddlebags & Valises, Harness, Military Manuals, Tools and much more. Full of clear, sharp photos and descriptions, it includes civilian, U.S. Military and Confederate horse equipment. Western saddles are also shown. The horse in American history, breeds, saddle and equipment manufacture are all comprehensively covered. Plus A special supplement The Fighting Man and His Mount which displays numerous original dragoon and cavalry photographs, many previously unpublished. The author, Howard R. Crouch, is a long-time collector of horse gear and author of a number of books in the Civil War field. His carefully researched Horse Equipment of the Civil War Era is sure to become a standard reference for the historian and collector alike. This book is fully indexed with a complete bibliography, hardbound with full color cover. (Amazon Books). This copy is in excellent condition.