Early Federal Period American Eagle Pommel Mounted Officer’s Saber with Original Scabbard


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Early Federal Period American Eagle Pommel Mounted Officer’s Saber with Original Scabbard – These Eagle pommel swords were prominently utilized by American militias and regular Army entities, beginning shortly after the end of the Revolutionary War. Peak use was during the Federal period, with interest and resultant use fading by the 1840s. Due to their lengthy popularity, there is an abundance of style, iteration and quality, produced by numerous manufacturers, American and European. These Eagle pommel swords were carried in the Seminole, Mexican and even into the early Civil War periods.

This sword remains in overall very good condition; the scabbard is completely intact, with some age “scaling” to the black finish. The ribbed grip is either ivory or bone; the blade retains most of its original bluing, highlighting fine, gilded, decorative etching. The blade, at its point of entry into the hilt, retains its original, red leather washer. On one side of the ricasso, is the following:



In the early 1800s, with the increased popularity of these swords, a number of European manufacturers, initially predominantly in England, initiated production for the American market; many of these British swords were marked with the quality guarantee – “Warranted” then, as German makers sought to compete for the American market, some of the British manufacturers stamped their blades with what they perceived as an indicator of their superior swords – “Warranted Not to Fail”. German blades followed suit, but usually stamped their blades with the simpler “Warranted”. In general, these early swords were patterned after the British Model 1803 mounted saber. This sword appears to be of German manufacture, for the American market and dates to sometime between 1805 and 1820.

Measurements: Blade length – 28.5”; Overall length – 35”