Original Pattern 1861 Dahlgren Bowie Bayonet with Original Scabbard



Original Pattern 1861 Dahlgren Bowie Bayonet with Original Scabbard – These rare, heavy bayonets were designed by Admiral John Dahlgren, in 1856, for use aboard his flagship, the USS Plymouth. This knife / bayonet was designed to replace the original saber type bayonet that fit on the Plymouth/Whitneyville Model M1861 Rifled Musket. Dahlgren wanted a hefty knife, as opposed to the original saber bayonet, for the Whitney Navy Rifle, so that they could be utilized during close quarters combat on board ships, boarding actions, shore landings and for use as either a traditional bayonet or a hand-held edged weapon with sufficient heft to defend against swords and heavy firearms. These knives were produced by the famous sword and arms manufacturer, N.P. Ames of Chicopee, Massachusetts. The knife features a bowie-shaped, spear point blade; the hilt has a one-piece pommel, guard and a back strap of heavy brass, with a one-piece walnut grip fitted between the pommel back strap and the guard. The bottom of the walnut grip has four finger grooves, designed to enhance both the grip and the user’s leverage. The ricasso on both sides of the blade are marked; one side of the blade is marked as follows:




On the opposite side, the ricasso is marked, in an arched configuration:




The initials “DR“, in a script letter cartouche, also is stamped on the pommel flat; these initials designate Navy Inspector, Daniel Reynolds. Only 1800 of these Dahlgren Navy bowie bayonets were produced between 1861-1864. This example remains in overall excellent condition and is accompanied by its rarely found, original scabbard, which also remains in excellent condition.

Measurements: Overall length – 17”; blade length – 12”