Civil War Period New Model 1863 Sharps Carbine


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Civil War Period New Model 1863 Sharps Carbine – Introduced in July of 1863, the Sharps New Model carbine no longer retained a patch box and utilized a larger clean-out screw, than the previous models. These .52 cal. Sharps carbines were one of the most popular weapons issued to Federal mounted troops; these weapons were produced from 1863 to 1865. Those produced in the serial number range of 71,000 to C49,000 (149,000) were war period production carbines. The serial number of this carbine is “C, 13848” or 113,848, thereby placing this gun as a wartime product. The gun remains in excellent condition with some signs of field use, to include a crescent shaped rub on the left buttstock, from the movement of the mounted horseman’s carbine sling swivel and buckle, constantly abrading the stock; the stock exhibits some nicks and dings from period use. The rear, ladder style sight remains in place, as does the barrel band affixing the fore stock to the barrel. The metal elements exhibit a pleasing, plum gray color, with some areas of original bluing and casehardening visible. There are some very minor areas of scattered pitting in the breech area and upper area of the lock. The bore is clean and retains substantial amounts of rifling. The saddle ring and bar are in place, although it appears that something struck the bar, during the period of use, denting the bar and cracking one end and slightly deforming the saddle ring; the bar remains intact (see photos) and in place. The damage to the saddle ring bar and ring are indicative of having been struck during the war, perhaps by an opponent’s saber or possibly a fired projectile. The firing action and function of the carbine are both excellent. The usual maker markings are clearly visible – behind the hammer: R.S. LAWRENCE PAT. / APRIL 12TH 1859; on the lock plate: C. SHARPS / OCT. 5TH 1852; on the left receiver: SHARPS PAT/ SEPT 12TH 1848; on the top of the barrel in front of the breech: NEW MODEL 1863; in front of the rear sight: SHARPS’ RIFLE/MANUFG. CO./ HARTFORD CONN.; on the rear sight base: R.S. LAWRENCE/PATENTED/SEPT. 15TH 1859. Overall, this is an excellent example of a wartime used Sharps carbine.