Rare Original Civil War Period Richmond Wooden Powder Keg


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Rare Original Civil War Period Richmond Wooden Powder Keg – This is the first, war period, Southern, wooden powder keg we have encountered. The staves of the keg appear to have been made of white oak; holding the staves together are two sapling bands, each still retaining their bark. The bottom of the keg has two, original, period, cut nails to affix the actual bottom of the keg to the staves. Of great significance is the stenciling on the bottom of the keg, which reads:

P. T. & CO



As of this posting, we have not been able to determine what the stencil enumerated company was. Period powder kegs were constructed of wood and bound with saplings to avoid the possibility of sparking and igniting the contents of the keg; additionally, the kegs were somewhat diminutive in size, to lessen the severity of an explosion, should the powder be accidentally ignited. The keg remains in excellent condition.


Measurements: Height – 7.5”; Diameter – 6.25”