Rare Confederate Medical Officer’s Kepi – Captain in the CS Medical Corps

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Rare Confederate Medical Officer’s Kepi – Captain in the CS Medical Corps – This rare kepi remains in overall very good condition. The body of the cap is constructed of a fine quality, English broadcloth wool. The decorative trim consists of three rows around the band; two rows, running vertically on each side of the middle of the cap, up to the crown; a single encircling trim around the outer exterior of the crown; two rows of encircled officer ranking quatrefoil, indicating the rank of Captain, on the top exterior of the crown. The trim is constructed of a greenish-gold, woven or worsted wool. The cap’s chinstrap is constructed of a gold, flat bullion, with a bullion adjustment slide; the chinstrap is affixed to the cap via two small, black painted, “ball” buttons, one on each side of the strap. The interior of the cap exhibits a black satinette or silk, gathered at the interior of the crown by a brown, cotton drawstring; it is complete, exhibiting some minor tears. The interior, beneath the black silk lining, is an inner lining of brown, polished cotton. The stiffener in the crown is pasteboard and is covered with a green colored, thin, crosshatched leather. The sweatband, which is complete and in good condition, is constructed of the same green colored, crosshatched leather as the lining of the crown. The cap’s brim, in overall good condition, is covered, on its underside, in the same green colored, crosshatched leather and is bound in a black oil cloth; the upper or exterior side of the brim is enameled black. There are two modest, stress pulls or insect damage holes in the front right of the cap and some minor insect induced holes in the back; other than these, there are no other points of damage in the kepi; the fabric remains strong and pliable. This entire kepi is completely hand sewn and finely crafted. We have had other Confederate caps, but this is the only Medical Corps cap we have had; it is also the most finely crafted, Confederate cap we have encountered.