Rare Pair of Confederate Infantry Officer’s Trousers


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Rare Pair of Confederate Infantry Officer’s Trousers – We have had a few Confederate officer’s frock coats, but this is the first pair of Confederate officer’s trousers we have had; needless to say, they are exceedingly rare. The Confederate Army, at the onset of the war, through their materiel suppliers and purveyors, did not make an attempt to replicate the Union, sky blue, wool trousers; in lieu of that material, they sought, when possible, a so-called “Light French Blue” from European manufacturers. This material exhibited a darker, more prominent and resultant brighter appearance, than the Federal sky blue. These trousers, which are predominantly hand-sewn, are seemingly excellent examples of having been constructed of this “French blue” wool. In addition, the wool utilized in the making of these pants is a decidedly rougher weave, than Federal, officer’s pants. Indicative of the branch of service, this pair of trousers exhibits a dark, infantry blue length of piping down the outside exterior of each pant leg. The interior cuffs, like army and some civilian, war period trousers, have a rough, cotton lining as a dirt and boot protective reinforcement feature. The trouser leg interiors are unlined; the waist area is lined in a light-brown, polished cotton, with the waist band lined with a reddish-pink colored cotton. The two, exterior size adjuster bands can be altered according to the wearer’s waist size, via a brass, adjuster buckle that is patent-dated “1855”. The fly buttons and suspender buttons are made of a black composite material. There are two, front, angled “slash” pockets, that have button closure buttonholes, each with a single, small, fabric covered button. Each pocket is lined in a white cotton material. These rare trousers remain in overall excellent condition, with some minor areas of insect nips; the color of the trousers and service piping remains vibrant. The trousers do not exhibit great wear and remain quite clean.