U.S. Model 1881 Artillery Dress Coat and Pants


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U.S. Model 1881 Artillery Dress Coat and Pants – This set of M1881 artillery coat and pants is in overall good condition. All of the coat buttons had been removed when we obtained the coat and pants and had been placed in a small tin that were in the old army camp trunk in which we found this uniform; we can either have our textile conservator place the buttons (all Indian War period eagle buttons, with Horstmann back marks) back on the coat, or we will just include them with the uniform when it is shipped. There is an original U.S. Army Quartermaster label sewn into the interior collar area of the coat, with the date of 1909 imprinted on it. The lining of the coat is a quilted, white cotton material; the original integral, leather, neck stock remains, sewn to the front closure area of the collar. The pants are lined, in the waist area, in a white cotton material. There some areas of minor staining and insect damage, from improper storage; the only significant area of damage is along a small area on the back waist of the pants.