US M1854 CORPS OF ENGINEERS SHAKO – This pre-Civil War, US Army Model 1854 Corps of Engineers Shako remains in excellent condition. Dark blue, indigo dyed, fine quality, English broadcloth wool covers the body of the shako. This style of shako was first introduced as the M1851 shako – the hats had the same, blue, broadcloth wool covered body, but had an additional band of wool, in the color of the branch of service, running the circumference of the crown, from above the base and brim of the cap, to almost midway up the body of the crown; in 1854, this service branch band was replaced with a universally blue, wool band, bound, on the top, with wool piping, in the color of the branch of service. This shako, a Model 1854, exhibits yellow piping and a yellow pom-pom, coupled with the engineer’s, sheet brass, castle insignia, affixed to the front of the shako. The yellow pom-pom is attached to three, thin brass rods, to which is soldered a Hardee hat eagle insignia. The interior of the shako is in fine condition; the lining is a dark, almost light brown colored satinet; the original paper size label, “3”, remains in place, affixed to the interior crown. The sweat band, constructed of black painted, oil cloth, is joined in the back by a black silk, grosgrain ribbon. The chin strap also remains in excellent condition; the adjustment buckle has a “tongue”, and the side buttons are typical, mid-19th century, eagle cuff types. The crown is approximately 6 1/4″ high and the top is 5 1/2″ in diameter. This is a rare, early shako, in excellent condition.