Civil War Period Flour Barrel from Richmond, Virginia Mill


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Civil War Period Flour Barrel from Richmond, Virginia Mill – This is actually the second, Civil War period barrel that we have had, although this example is clearly stenciled on the side with the following:




We presume that this is indicative that the original contents were flour. Stenciled on the top of the barrel is:

W McCormick x


V(?) OHM

There are some undecipherable letters beneath the second stenciling, although about half of the top is missing. The barrel is constructed of oak staves which are held in place by bent, split saplings; some of the latter are nailed into position. All nails in the barrel are mid-19th century, cut nails. The wood remains in excellent condition, although, as mentioned, about half of the top of the barrel remains, with no bottom disk remaining. On the remaining top, besides the stenciling, there is the top of a period, tinned, sheet iron can, nailed in place. Although the barrel is in stable, displayable and moveable condition, we chose to place an inflatable, exercise ball into the barrel, to add an element of stability. Looking at period images, one can see virtually the same type of barrel in the well-known image of USCT soldiers, at a staged picket position, at Dutch Gap, southeast of Richmond. This is an extremely rare piece of Civil War memorabilia. We will include with the barrel a moveable, display platform, with an accompanying, recently made, modern disk bottom, as well as about half of a sapling, stave retainer that was in the barrel when we obtained it.

Measurements: H – 30”; Diameter – 18”