Indian War Period US Army No. 1 Hagner Cartridge Box for .50-70 Cartridges – Early 1870’s


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Indian War Period US Army No. 1 Hagner Cartridge Box for .50-70 Cartridges – Early 1870’s This cartridge box is the Indian War period, US Army, No., 1 Hagner Cartridge Box for .50-70 Cartridges.  This cartridge box was designed to hold 24 metallic, .50-70 cartridges. The retention strap and belt straps are intact and supple.  Internally, the box has twenty-four canvas, bullet loops and a bulged out compartment, on the right side of the box, to house the M1868 combination, gun tool. The box was developed by Major P.V. Hagner and was submitted and subsequently approved by the Cavalry and Infantry Equipment Boards, in 1871 and 1872.  These early, number 1, Hagner boxes had a characteristic “Y”-shaped yoke, on the back, through which the waist belt was passed.  The box is in overall good condition; the leather is supple and pliable, with some cracking to the surface finish, but no flaking. The box flap exhibits a lightly embossed US, within an oval.