1850s to 1860s Beaver Stovepipe Hat


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1850s to 1860s Beaver Stovepipe Hat – This hat is an excellent example of a mid-19th century, beaver fur, stovepipe hat. This style of hat, an essential element of President Abraham Lincoln’s daily wardrobe, was popular prior to and during the Civil War. As an original, antebellum and war period, stovepipe hat, this hat is covered with a black-dyed, beaver fur, on the cylindrical “stovepipe”, as well as on the upper and underside of the circular brim; after the war, the underside of the brim was covered with a ribbed silk material. The exterior of the circular crown of the hat has a narrow, black, grosgrain ribbon encircling the crown. The brim is bound with a very narrow length of black, grosgrain ribbon material. The interior of the hat is lined with a thin, beige paper affixed to the cylindrical stovepipe; the interior crown is lined with a green check and beige faux silk wallpaper; in the center of the interior crown is the gold embossed label of the hat maker; it reads:


204 MAIN St.


The wide, thin brown leather sweatband remains in place and is in overall good condition, with a 1” x 2.5” section missing. Overall, this hat is in excellent condition, without any significant dents in the crown; the beaver fur or felt is in great condition, as well. These iconic antebellum and war period hats have become almost impossible to find now.