Antebellum to Civil War Period Carpet Bag


Antebellum to Civil War Period Carpet Bag – Original, war period carpet bags are now rather difficult to find, especially in good condition. This example is definitively pre-war or war period, and it remains in excellent condition, retaining its original lock and key. The carpet material making up the body of the bag, still exhibits vivid color with only a few minor frayed areas; the lining of the bag is a maroon, polka-dotted, calico material, with a hand sewn, interior pocket and mother-of-pearl, closure button. The grip or handle of the bag is in strong condition, exhibiting some minor fraying. This is a superior example of a wartime carpet bag; many were carried by soldiers and officers to house personal items; a large number of the brass locks have been excavated by relic hunters in campsites, indicative of the widespread use of these bags amongst the troops and officers. The bag measures approximately 14” x 14”.