Civil War Patriotic Motif Drum Major’s Baton


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Civil War Patriotic Motif Drum Major’s Baton – We have had two or three other Civil War drum major’s batons, but this example is the most elaborate and in the best condition of any we have had previously. The shaft, which appears to be constructed of oak, is topped with a gold painted, large orb, which, in turn, is topped with a patriotic, American eagle; both of the latter are seemingly constructed of wood and painted gold. The tapered shaft extends to a brass, floral motif tip. Starting just beneath the top orb, is a woven, silk cord, that twists around the shaft to a terminus, a few inches above the brass, bottom tip. The silk cord, initially tightly wound, with no spacing between the twists, has an ornate tassel affixed to it, which ends with multiple strands of wool cording, similar in construction to the tassels on a Civil War period, officer’s sash. The entire silk strand and the decorative tassel are a vividly bright, red, white and blue. The war period drum major must have exhibited quite a figure with this ornate baton. The entire baton remains in superior condition.

Measurement: L – 45.75”