Civil War Period Field Drum with Brass Body


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Civil War Period Field Drum with Brass Body – This is a great example of a Civil War period field drum; the drum retains its original, hemp tension ropes, although all of the leather tension ears are gone – high quality, reproduction tension ears are readily available should someone wish to place them on the drum. The body of the drum is brass, which retains a nice, aged patina; there are numerous extant examples of identified, brass body, field drums used during the Civil War. There is an unadorned sound hole in the drum’s body, although we can see no maker’s label on the inside surface of the drum. The rims appear to be either bent oak or maple and retain their original, period paint, in colors that are red, white and either a deep, navy blue or black. Both original, heavy skin heads are in place, although the bottom head is torn, it is all there. The drum appears to have had gut snares, at one time, although they are no longer in place. This drum has not been cut down and remains at its original height and diameter, which, in war period drums, are usually about equal. The drum measures as follows: Height – 14.5”; Diameter – 14.5”