Civil War Sailor’s Tin Cup or Tankard


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Civil War Sailor’s Tin Cup or Tankard – We have had several examples of Civil War, issue and period, civilian cups, but this cup is only the second we have ever encountered that is a war period, shipboard variety. The cup is made of heavy, sheet iron, that has been cold-dipped in tin, to combat oxidation; all seams, side and bottom, are lead soldered together, as the crimping machinery had yet to be developed, during the Civil War period. Distinctively, this shipboard cup is different in shape than the land-based, issue and common civilian cups – this cup is shaped like a tankard, with the bottom diameter slightly larger than the rim diameter; the tankard-like design allowed for more stability when in use aboard a ship, in heavy seas.

The cup remains in excellent condition, with no bends, dents or weak areas and only a small number of areas of surface oxidation; very little of the original tinning remains.

Measurements: Height – 5.75”; Top diameter – 3.0” ; Bottom Diameter – 4”