Group of Civil War Period Personal and Military Smalls

Group of Civil War Period Personal and Military Smalls – The items pictured here are all Civil War period, antebellum or Indian War personal items; all are in excellent condition. Prices and descriptions are enumerated below:


  1. Civil War soldier’s mess plate – SOLD
  2. 1840s – 1850s sunglasses and case – $125
  3. 1840s – 1850s spectacles and case – $65
  4. Civil War period razor and case; inscribed on the horn handle – “U.S. Navy” – SOLD
  5. Rare Civil War period U.S. Navy boarding pike case; marked “USNY Boston” – SOLD
  6. Civil War period, worsted wool hat cords for the enlisted Hardee hat:
  • Artillery – $45
  • Cavalry – $55
  • Infantry – $35
  1. Indian War period U.S. Army officer’s hat cord – SOLD
  2. 1820s – 1830s spectacles and case – $75
  3. Civil War period razor with horn handles; gold embossed eagle on one side of handle – SOLD
  4. Civil War period pants or vest size adjuster buckles; one dated 1854 – $15 @
  5. Civil War period bone or ivory handled, officer’s mess knife and fork – SOLD
  6. Civil War period spectacles and case – $45
  7. Antebellum George Washington figural pipe tamper – SOLD
  8. Civil War soldier’s knife, fork and spoon combination mess utensil – $225
  9. Civil War period bone handled pocket knife – SOLD
  10. Civil War period wood handled, mess knife and fork; both utensils can be stored by inserting the knife and fork into the opposite utensil’s wooden handle – SOLD