2nd Model Maynard Civil War Carbine



2nd Model Maynard Civil War Carbine – Maynard carbines were considered one of the best functioning firearms utilized by troops, during the Civil War; they were admired by both Union and Confederate soldiers. Second model Maynards were manufactured in the latter stages of the war, between 1864 and 1865. Research indicates that these well-constructed carbines were issued to the 6th, 9th, and 11th Indiana Cavalry and the 10th and 11th East Tennessee Union Cavalry. This example, which remains in overall fine condition, has the correct, “pinched blade” front sight, as well as the graduated, 3-leaf, rear sight. Appearing, clearly stamped on the left side of the frame is the following:

Edward Maynard


MAY 27. 1851.

DEC. 6. 1859

On the right side of the frame is stamped:




The government inspector’s cartouche is stamped into the left side of the wrist of the stock; single letter inspector’s marks appear on many of the metal parts of the gun. The serial number, stamped on the lower tang is: 18030. The dark, walnut stock remains in overall fine condition, exhibiting a slight, inconsequential crack, at the toe of the butt plate; the latter plate exhibits some use. The saddle ring and bar remain in place. The barrel exhibits about 85% of the original bluing, and the frame exhibits considerable, mottled case hardening. The carbine’s bore is clean and bright, with shallow rifling remaining. The carbine functions perfectly. This is an excellent example of one of the better made, Civil War carbines.